Rats? Cockroaches? Ants? Flies? What to do when you need pest control…


They won’t ask you for an invitation and they’ll stay as long as they like – unless you show them what’s what. Rat, cockroach, ant and fly infestations can be dealt with swiftly and discreetly. Read on for more about pest control for these unwelcome pests.

Commercial and Residential Pest Control:

You may have noticed lots of little pests, or just a few and are concerned that there are more hiding somewhere. Either way, put your mind at rest and contact a pest control company. Just give them a call and tell them what you’ve noticed – with their experience, they will have an  idea what is going on and identify your pest. A site survey may be carried out and a decision made on how to proceed.

Whatever your business, tailored pest control services will efficiently and discreetly take care of pest control at a commercial property. But it’s not just industrial or commercial properties that can be  covered by the professionals.

If you find your home putting up uninvited rats, cockroaches, ants or flies, you can protect your home and family from these unwanted pests by getting a comprehensive, cost-effective service from a pest control company.

If you don’t fancy taking on a pest or a nest yourself, or the problem has escalated, these pests can be dealt with and prevention measures put in place to stop them returning. No stress and no fuss.

 Rats Control:

Rats are a common pest throughout the world. They can be attracted to a house or business based on how easy it is to get in and what’s available to them when they’re there – not necessarily any indication of cleanliness.

Rats removal should ideally be carried out by professionals to ensure any hidden infestations or nests are found and the problem is properly dealt with. It is advisable not to use DIY poisonous powders and baits, which are toxic to humans, too.

Rats extermination is important due to the health hazards that come along with having rodents nesting in a property, as well as damage to reputation if rats are at your business. Rats prevention will look at why they got in in the first place and how to deter them from setting up home again.When using a pest control company, they can explain, advise and carry out these measures as part of the service if you are unsure.

 Cockroaches Control:

Another common problem is with cockroaches, scurrying their way around countless properties. But they can be treated and prevented.

Cockroaches are nocturnal and you will often find them in areas where food is kept or manufactured. Cockroaches Extermination will get rid of these critters, and then it’s time to look at ways of keeping them at bay.

Professional cockroaches pest control take away the hassle and ensure the roaches and any nests are eliminated from your home or business. Cockroaches prevention measures should always be considered and include keeping clean, vacuumed floors and sealing those small entry points.

Ants Control:

Ants can be tricky to control with DIY measures as they can enter through the smallest cracks. They are looking for water and food, usually something sweet from the pantry or food cupboards. They leave invisible pheromone trails for other ants to follow once food has been found.

When ants have happily found somewhere to nest and a food supply, ants extermination is needed. For Ants Removal, experts can get rid of them quickly and look for signs of where a nest may be. Experts can also carry out ants prevention measures to stop the problem returning.

Flies Control:

Like most pests, flies are unhygienic and can pass on diseases, usually by contaminating surfaces or food. If you are unable to control a fly population, professional flies pest control should be carried out. Flies removal by a experts will ensure the infestation is properly dealt with. The company you use should be able to explain the different techniques and timescales, and how they will work best for you.

Flies prevention measures that you can carry out include keep surfaces clean, disposing of rubbish as soon as possible, keeping a lid on your kitchen bin in homes, and keeping windows and doors closed when possible. Pest control expert can also advise and carry out prevention as part of the service.

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