Rats? Cockroaches? Ants? Flies? What to do when you need pest control…


They won’t ask you for an invitation and they’ll stay as long as they like – unless you show them what’s what. Rat, cockroach, ant and fly infestations can be dealt with swiftly and discreetly. Read on for more about pest control for these unwelcome pests.

Commercial and Residential Pest Control:

You may have noticed lots of little pests, or just a few and are concerned that there are more hiding somewhere. Either way, put your mind at rest and contact a pest control company. Just give them a call and tell them what you’ve noticed – with their experience, they will have an  idea what is going on and identify your pest. A site survey may be carried out and a decision made on how to proceed.

Whatever your business, tailored pest control services will efficiently and discreetly take care of pest control at a commercial property. But it’s not just industrial or commercial properties that can be  covered by the professionals.

If you find your home putting up uninvited rats, cockroaches, ants or flies, you can protect your home and family from these unwanted pests by getting a comprehensive, cost-effective service from a pest control company.

If you don’t fancy taking on a pest or a nest yourself, or the problem has escalated, these pests can be dealt with and prevention measures put in place to stop them returning. No stress and no fuss.

 Rats Control:

Rats are a common pest throughout the world. They can be attracted to a house or business based on how easy it is to get in and what’s available to them when they’re there – not necessarily any indication of cleanliness.

Rats removal should ideally be carried out by professionals to ensure any hidden infestations or nests are found and the problem is properly dealt with. It is advisable not to use DIY poisonous powders and baits, which are toxic to humans, too.

Rats extermination is important due to the health hazards that come along with having rodents nesting in a property, as well as damage to reputation if rats are at your business. Rats prevention will look at why they got in in the first place and how to deter them from setting up home again.When using a pest control company, they can explain, advise and carry out these measures as part of the service if you are unsure.

 Cockroaches Control:

Another common problem is with cockroaches, scurrying their way around countless properties. But they can be treated and prevented.

Cockroaches are nocturnal and you will often find them in areas where food is kept or manufactured. Cockroaches Extermination will get rid of these critters, and then it’s time to look at ways of keeping them at bay.

Professional cockroaches pest control take away the hassle and ensure the roaches and any nests are eliminated from your home or business. Cockroaches prevention measures should always be considered and include keeping clean, vacuumed floors and sealing those small entry points.

Ants Control:

Ants can be tricky to control with DIY measures as they can enter through the smallest cracks. They are looking for water and food, usually something sweet from the pantry or food cupboards. They leave invisible pheromone trails for other ants to follow once food has been found.

When ants have happily found somewhere to nest and a food supply, ants extermination is needed. For Ants Removal, experts can get rid of them quickly and look for signs of where a nest may be. Experts can also carry out ants prevention measures to stop the problem returning.

Flies Control:

Like most pests, flies are unhygienic and can pass on diseases, usually by contaminating surfaces or food. If you are unable to control a fly population, professional flies pest control should be carried out. Flies removal by a experts will ensure the infestation is properly dealt with. The company you use should be able to explain the different techniques and timescales, and how they will work best for you.

Flies prevention measures that you can carry out include keep surfaces clean, disposing of rubbish as soon as possible, keeping a lid on your kitchen bin in homes, and keeping windows and doors closed when possible. Pest control expert can also advise and carry out prevention as part of the service.

Bypest Pest Control London are a trusted, friendly, affordable pest control company based in London and the M25 area.Call us on Free phone 0800 082 0203 to discuss a pest control problem, and we can recommend an approach tailored to suit you. As well as flies, cockroaches, rats and ants pest control, we can tackle most pest problems, including moths, bedbugs, wasps and birds.Read more about us and our services at www.bypest.com


Bypest London Pest Control Services – helping you get rid of Commercial and Residential Pest problems

Bypest London Pest Control Services – helping you get rid of Residential and CommercialPest problems

If you have a problem with pest control, we can help. We cover both commercial and residential pest management. Our technicians know what is needed for successful, effective pest control.

We offer a free site survey to assess what is needed and formulate a plan especially to deal with your issue, providing you with a quotation for the work.

Our cost-effective service can tackle pest control and prevention on any scale – whether it’s a wasp nest at your home or an environmental issue at a large business.

Our staff can help with any enquiry, even if you are not sure of the type of pest or the scale of the problem.

As well as pest extermination and control, we provide rodent and insect proofing to make sure your home or business remains pest free.

No-fuss pest extermination

Our discreet and professional service means you are in good hands.

At Bypest, we always:

• Use approved and tested pesticides when needed

• Comply with all health and safety standards and legislation

• Conduct comprehensive risk assessments

• Maintain the highest level of training and understanding across our fully-qualified staff

Pest Control Services

We value customer service and all enquiries to Bypest Pest Control London are answered within two hours. Our complete service includes assessment, treatment and prevention of pest control issues.  Below are the main types of pest that our technicians deal with.

Fleas Control

Fleas lay their eggs in carpets, on our pets, and even on bedding and clothing. Warm homes provide a perfect temperature for them to breed.

Signs of a flea problem include your pet scratching itself and noticing tiny specks of dirt that are flea faeces. Fleas can also bite people, causing itchy and irritated skin.

Our effective flea control considers not just your pet but how fleas live in the home and how to remove them for good.

Moths Control

Moths can cause a lot of damage during the larval stage. Larvae may have been carried into your home or business via clothing, food or furniture.

At Bypest, we can asses any moth issue you have. We will locate the source of the problem and remove it.

Bedbugs Control

Often the sign of a bedbug problem is seeing their skin or their droppings. We can tackle bedbug problems with our safe, integrated bedbugs removal service.

If you are concerned about a possible bedbug infestation, give us a call. We provide professional bedbugs fumigation for hotels and bed and breakfasts in London and the M25. We can also help with bedbug prevention measures.

Pigeons Control

Pigeons are a nuisance with their droppings, noise and, as pigeons can pass on disease to humans, are seen as an unhygienic blight.

If you have a pigeon or avian problem at your business or home, Bypest can help.

Our pigeon prevention measures include wires, spikes and netting to stop pigeons gathering and fouling at your business premises.

Ants Control

We can assess and advise on an ant a problem at your home or business, including the removal of nests. Sometimes adjoining buildings will need to be treated, our fully qualified staff can advise on this.

Using effective methods, we can eliminate ant colonies and deter ants from nesting in your building.

Squirrels Control

A squirrel nest can be found in lofts, voids and wall cavities. Like rats, squirrels will gnaw and can cause damage to buildings.

Unlike the red squirrel, the grey squirrel is prevalent in the UK and is not a protected species.  Our fully qualified team can remove squirrels from lofts and buildings and advise on prevention measures.

Bypest Pest Control London Company  offers a Comprehensive Pest Control Services for all kind of Pest Control Problems throughout London and around M25 Area.

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London Mice Control, Mice Extermination, Mice Removal and Prevention Services – Bypest Pest Control

Mice Control, Extermination, Removal and Prevention

Mice Control, Extermination, Removal and Prevention

Mice can be tricky customers – they can squeeze through tiny gaps and pose a health risk if living in your home or workplace. With this in mind, expert mice removal and mice control is essential. Mice can cause problems with gnawing and nibbling. Not just with food, but they can damage wood, plastic, cables and clothes. Food supply doesn’t even have to be plentiful, these small rodents don’t need much to survive and breed.

Mice are usually ground living, found in areas near to human habitation nesting around the undisturbed parts of buildings climbing through wall cavities and voids using them as tunnels. They are also found in open fields burrowing, building complex tunnel systems with several exits.

Although mice are often found among cluttered places, their dexterity means they are just as likely to make their nest via concealed and tiny openings. Professional mice extermination services know how to target and control these inconspicuous mice habitats.

Health risks from mice include transferring bacteria and disease to humans via spoiled food, and also by coming into contact with their urine and droppings. Expert mice removal will take care of these pesky pests and keep your home or business a safe environment.

If you have a mouse infestation at your London home or business, Bypest can help. We also provide preventative services, so if you want to stop mice being able to enter your home or workplace, we can help with that, too.

Bypest London Pest Control company offers Mice Control, Mice Extermination, Mice Removal and Prevention Pest Control Services to get Rid from Mice Pests. Do you have a problem with mice in your London home or business? If you’re looking for a mouse removal service in London to address a problem with mouse infestation, or you want to stop mice from entering your home or business, we can help.

We are a leading provider for assessment, treatment and prevention of mice for homes and businesses in London and the M25 area.

Please call us to discuss your mice control and mice extermination needs on our freephone number 0800 082 0203 or direct dial 0203 189 2240.

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Londondon Rats Extermination, Control, Prevention and Removal Services – Bypest

ImageAt some point, most of us will have to consider how to control rats in either our home or at work. If you have a rat problem at home, don’t ignore it – any delay allows the rats to breed and multiply. Rats can increase their number in a very short span of time, which increases the likelihood of damage to your home or business premises. Rats like to shelter at your home or place of work, as it provides a handy habitat for them, supplying them with food, water and shelter. 

Rats can be dangerous when living in a home. They can bite us when we are sleeping, and sometimes bites can cause fever spreading bacteria, such as streptobacillary fever or spirillary fever. Rats can spread a plague disease, which can be very harmful for people and can even be fatal.


Rats can spoil food and water at your home or business. If contaminated food is then ingested by us, disease and bacteria can be passed on and cause harm and illness, particularly to children. So it is a priority for rats to be controlled when a problem is detected.

While there are different DIY methods to get rid of rats at home and at the workplace, this is not a permanent solution to control them. You should contact expert Rats Exterminators, whose control and removal services provide permanent solutions and precautions.

Do you have a problem with rats in your London home or business? If you’re looking for a rat control and removal service in London to address a problem with rat infestation, or you want to stop rats from entering your home or business, we can help.

Bypest London is the leading environmental Rats Extermination, Control, Prevention and Removal service provider in the assessment, treatment and prevention of rats in homes and businesses.

Our rat removal and prevention services cover all areas of London and the M25 area.

We will respond to your call within just two hours – 24/7, 365 days a year.

To discuss your rat problem and how we can help you with it, call now on phone free 0800 082 0203 or direct dial 0203 189 2240

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Bypest London Pest Control Services

Pest Problem it is a Major Issue to all of us to control the Pests at our Home,Office, Kitchen, Storage Rooms and Paddy Fields. Where ever it may be there should be a huge Problem with Pests like Rats, Cockroach, Flies, Fleas, Mice, Bedbugs, Wasps, Ants, Moths, Pegions, Squirrels and with other Pests.

In the world it’s common problem at Every Home and Kitchen with Ants, Flies, Cockroach, Rats and Mice. While Sleeping time at Bed with Bed Bugs.  Night Time with Moths, Fleas and Wasps. It’s Hectic to Control Easily these Pests.

London Pest Control Environmental Services from Bypest helps you to find and Control the Pests with an ease. Bypest Pest Control Services offer a comprehensive service for all kinds of pest-control problems throughout London and around the M25, serving both residential and commercial customers.

Why choose us for pest control in London?

We have a large team of fully qualified London pest-control technicians, all ready and waiting to respond to your call. We offer a response time of just two hours for emergency London pest-control callouts – guaranteed.

Our London Pest Control Services cover the whole of the capital, plus the M25 area. To find out whether we cover your area, try our postcode checker. We offer affordably priced pest control with friendly, professional service. Our priority is helping you get rid of pests for good.

We’re always happy to offer help and advice on your pest-control problems – just call and we’ll be happy to discuss your issue and recommend a service for you.

Pest problem? Act now

If you believe you have a problem with Pest Control, act now. Get in touch with us right away. Pest problems that get out of control can have a devastating effect on your home or business.

Pests can carry disease and cause food poisoning – and they also bring problems with odours, damage and excrement. The sooner you act, the sooner we can solve your pest-control problem. Call us now.

Call now on free phone 0800 082 0203 or direct dial 0203 189 2240