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ImageAt some point, most of us will have to consider how to control rats in either our home or at work. If you have a rat problem at home, don’t ignore it – any delay allows the rats to breed and multiply. Rats can increase their number in a very short span of time, which increases the likelihood of damage to your home or business premises. Rats like to shelter at your home or place of work, as it provides a handy habitat for them, supplying them with food, water and shelter. 

Rats can be dangerous when living in a home. They can bite us when we are sleeping, and sometimes bites can cause fever spreading bacteria, such as streptobacillary fever or spirillary fever. Rats can spread a plague disease, which can be very harmful for people and can even be fatal.


Rats can spoil food and water at your home or business. If contaminated food is then ingested by us, disease and bacteria can be passed on and cause harm and illness, particularly to children. So it is a priority for rats to be controlled when a problem is detected.

While there are different DIY methods to get rid of rats at home and at the workplace, this is not a permanent solution to control them. You should contact expert Rats Exterminators, whose control and removal services provide permanent solutions and precautions.

Do you have a problem with rats in your London home or business? If you’re looking for a rat control and removal service in London to address a problem with rat infestation, or you want to stop rats from entering your home or business, we can help.

Bypest London is the leading environmental Rats Extermination, Control, Prevention and Removal service provider in the assessment, treatment and prevention of rats in homes and businesses.

Our rat removal and prevention services cover all areas of London and the M25 area.

We will respond to your call within just two hours – 24/7, 365 days a year.

To discuss your rat problem and how we can help you with it, call now on phone free 0800 082 0203 or direct dial 0203 189 2240

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